Investment and Management Bulgaria EOOD is a Bulgarian legal entity, 100% owned by the Luxembourg group European Investment Management JSC.

The company was established 8 years ago as a continuation of the international consulting group and participates in the implementation of programs and projects within the territory of the EU.

The company has fulfilled contracts and achieved results with concerns such as IDS, IVECO and others.

A network of partners and consultants has been developed, who provide professional service to our clients.

During the last several years, the company has performed serious activity in the field of acquisition of European companies by legal entities and individuals.

The company advises and supports real estate investments and investment deposits.


Investment and Management Bulgaria EOOD provides consulting services in the implementation of international programs and projects in the field of acquisition of companies, purchase of real estate and creation of new investment opportunities.

The company provides the option for subsequent management and administrative servicing of the implemented projects for the benefit of its clients.

The wide range of specialists and partners of the company all over the world enable the clients to receive full and professional service and obtain maximum financial results from the investments made.